Photo by Inga Gentile

Committed relationship offers one of the deepest human satisfactions, and yet too often is fraught with frustration, disconnection, and disappointment.

Couples can easily push each other into states of fight, flight or freeze, which are non-relational states. These reflexes are essential for survival and dealing with predators, but interfere with maintaining loving relationship. The longer these states stay present without repair, the more damage the relationship sustains. Often couples wait too long to address this dynamic, and the love that was once strong and deep begins to weaken and dissipate.

Old material activated in relationship is a golden opportunity to repair history.  – Stan Tatkin

There is great benefit and comfort in developing a foundation of safety and security, and learning how to relieve distress quickly and effectively in each other. Working experientially from the PACT method (Psychobioloical Approach to Couple Therapy), I facilitate more effective relational behaviors and caring for each other in ways that feel good to both of you.

Through this process, a healthy and attuned relationship grows toward secure functioning, resulting in a more loving, connected and enjoyable partnership.

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