Effective psychotherapy is a healthy form of self-reflection which supports inner security, self-acceptance, and satisfying relationships.

My approach is to lean gently towards the reflexive emotions and limiting patterns that were formed as adaptations early in life. Such patterns, though brilliant in their historical context, are often self-defeating and at odds with our deepest longings and goals as adults.

I work experientially on a somatic, emotional and cognitive level, through the methods of EMDR, Attachment work, and mindfulness. Making meaningful sense of your experience and resolving impactful memories returns you to yourself, and allows you to truly inhabit your life.

Contemporary neuroscience illuminates how an integrated brain is a healthy brain. We experience this as a state of well-being in our body and mind, and as coherence and congruence in our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

With such integration, the past is no longer driving perceptions of the current moment. Beyond intellectual analysis, the work we do is grounded in your body’s felt sense of experience, which naturally creates meaningful change.